• Mate installation fails

    I just wanted to report that installation with latest minimal CD fails when you pick a mate desktop. It fails with both cnchi and cnchi-dev. It fails right after downloading packages at checking package dependencies. From the logs I can see it’s some problem with mate settings daemon dependencies not being satisfied, I think. I bet it has something to do with release of mate 1.10.0
    Good luck with fixing it :)

  • @wkoncki I believe it depends not on mate 1.10 itself, but on unsuccessful attempt to upgrade mate-mint-menu package.

    Until yesterday evening I’ve upgraded two computers with antergos-mate to 1.10 without any problem. both are still up and running 1.10 flawlessly.

    Starting from this morning, I’m trying to upgrade my third computer with antergos-mate to 1.10. Every time the upgrade fails with the following error:

    Downloading mate-mint-menu-5.6.2-2-any...
    Checking keyring...
    Checking integrity...
    Error: mate-mint-menu: signature from "Antergos Build Server (Automated Package Build System) <[email protected]>" is invalid
    Failed to commit transaction:
    Invalid or corrupted package:

    At this point the upgrade process dies, without returning any further info about the problem.

    The first failed upgrade attempt was made this morning 8 hours ago. I’m still silently hope that the ABS’s signature for mate-mint-menu will be fixed, sooner or later. Right now any upgrade attempt is still failing, with the same error.

  • @just Can you by any chance post here when it is fixed for you? I have a mate install to make and don’t want to go through the download when it’s going to break anyway half the way through.

  • @Dayman said:

    @just Can you by any chance post here when it is fixed for you?..

    Promise to try to remember to do it😃 .

    Meanwhile, I’ve updated the Antergos’s keyring, in the hope it could solve the problem:

    $ sudo pacman-key --populate antergos
    [sudo] password for just: *********         
    ==> Appending keys from antergos.gpg...
    ==> Locally signing trusted keys in keyring...
      -> Locally signing key 24B445614FAC071891EDCE49CDBD406AA1AA7A1D...
      -> Locally signing key D95436A2E18DA94A72B1A5E2AEA529BF122902E5...
      -> Locally signing key EC3B5CE8FE98DFDF51B705536D6DDA3D2A45C7B4...
    ==> Importing owner trust values...
    ==> Updating trust database...
    gpg: next trustdb check due at 2015-06-12

    Unfortunately, it solved nothing. The upgrade is still failing with the same error.

  • @just said:

    Promise to try to remember to do it😃 .

    Thank you. I could’ve install cinnamon instead but after fighting with it crashing all the time in the past, I’ll probably just wait for mate to get fixed.

  • @Dayman By the way, you shouldn’t worry about multiple packages downloads. if an upgrade fails. If Arch successfully downloads 99 packages during the first upgrade, and then fails because of only 1 failing package, then, during the next, second (3rd, 4th,…) upgrades it will not re-download those 99 successfull packages. Arch keeps all of them in the cache, and will get them from there. It will try to re-download only 1 failing package.

  • @just
    I’m not running into this problem during upgrade but during system installation from CD.

  • @Dayman During MATE’s installation from CD the installer tries do download and check the integrity of the mate-mint-menu package. If the check fails, the whole installation fails.

    Same happens during the upgrade. During upgrade it’s easier to individuate a failing package.

  • Don’t know, if it may help to individuate the problem.

    On two computers, where upgrade was succeeded yesterday, 2015-06-09, the current mate-mint-menu version is 5.6.2-2:

    $ pacman -Q mate-mint-menu
    mate-mint-menu 5.6.2-2

    On the computer, where upgrade fails today, 2015-06-10, the current mate-mint-menu version is 5.6.2-1:

    $ pacman -Q mate-mint-menu
    mate-mint-menu 5.6.2-1

    The error presents while trying to upgrade today to the same 5.6.2-2 version, to which the upgrade went without a problem yesterday.

    Seems like smth has happened with package’s signature in the night between 2015-06-09 and 2015-06-10.

  • @Dayman Full automatic upgrades with pamac/pacman are now possible again in Mate . The last @lots-0-logs 's request to rebuild mate-mint-menu (#2420) has been finally fulfilled by ABS a day ago. No manual intervention or any kind of tweak/cheat is required anymore to upgrade Mate.

    Most probably it is now possible to install it without problems related to mate-mint-menu.

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