• removing the default xfce lightdm? display manager/ login manager in favor of slim login manager

    Hi All,

    I have been able to install and preview slim login/display manager and some theme however when I reboot it doesn’t show slim and instead shows the default lightdm? display manager.

    how do I remove the lightdm display manager so that slim login manager shows up?

    Also how do I remove the “…Select Antergos version blue startup stuff that shows up” I want for it just to show the slim themed wallpaper until it’s ready for a username/password – i feel it ruins the theming and visuals.

  • Resolved these can be removed by using the package manager to find the full names of the package and use pacman -Rs for removing and any us used dependencies and pacman -RSC for removing all dependencies for slim (now deprecated) and lightdm and the themes for both.

    Installing sddm though I had some issues which I will display in another post.

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