So I’ve got this problem: if I plug an USB input device into an USB port after some random amount of time since the last wakeup, the device won’t get detected.

By ‘not detected’ I mean:

  • if move mouse I’ve just plugged in, the cursor stays where it is, if I click nothing happens
  • if I type on a keyboard that I’ve just plugged in, nothing happens. No keys are being detected
  • devices don’t show in lsusb
  • nothing happens in /var/logs/Xorg.0.log
  • nothing in dmesg
  • nothing in journalctl
  • nothing in udevadm monitor when the offending device is connected/disconnected

Hotplug seems to be working for some time after boot/wakeup, but not for longer than 3 hours. I haven’t managed to prove the ‘random’ hypothesis, neither have I managed to narrow down the time.

The issue only happens with input devices. So far, the list of offenders includes

  • 2 separate USB mice
  • keyboard/mouse combo
  • tablet

So that’s 4 different USB cables/receivers that can’t be hotplugged after some random unspecified amount of time.

Yes, I’ve tried switching USB ports. Nothing changes. On the other hand, USB storage devices get detected just fine all the time, even when USB input devices don’t.

USB input devices get detected if:

  • they were plugged in before boot (or less than X minutes after boot)
  • they were plugged in before waking from sleep (or less than X minutes after waking from sleep)

Where ‘X’ is unspecified and random amount of time.

Happens here on Antergos, happened on Manjaro, can’t recall if it happened on Kubuntu (but it probably did), probably regardless of whether power management is enabled. Kwin + KDE.