• grub does not show win 7

    My laptop had win 7 and win 8.1 in dual boot, yesterday I installed Antergos in trial boot, but grub only shows Antergos and win 8.1, win 7 is missing. How can I add win 7 to grub?

  • @Strangiato

    Hi, have you installed os-prober ?

    sudo pacman -S os-prober
    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg


  • thank you, El Che.
    But win 7 is still missing from grub.

  • Mmmm… isn’t this another issue related to UEFI? First thing I did with my computer was to deactivate UEFI and use legacy MBR, so I avoid all the mess UEFI booting has brought (thanks M$ for the bright idea).
    Did you check your BIOS settings, may be you installed Antergos in UEFI mode and now you can only see UEFI compatible systems.

  • I use legacy mode in my laptop.

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