• Gnome-Software should come out-of-the-box

    Gnome-Software should come out of-of-the-box. I had to install it with along with packagekit. This is what’s missing to make Antergos *the* beginner-friendly Arch-based distro, or general beginner-friendly distro at all for that matter. I wouldn’t hesitate to rank it among Mint and Ubuntu in these terms then. See https://diasp.org/posts/4507474 :)

    gnome software overview

  • I don’t think Gnome-Software is that important. After all it is a Gnome/GTK only software. If it was cross and/or multiple DE friendly I would. And Antergos already come with Pamac.

    Also I just give a try to Gnome-Software and it is very very very limited I couldn’t access to all the software on the Arch repos, it look like it only give Gnome/GTK softwares as a choice (no QT soft as much I can see) and only FOSS (so no Steam, Skype, etc.).

    So I don’t think Gnome-Software is a good choice for Antergos.

    Oh and before I forgot on your blog you’ve written this “I don’t even have to enter a password when I install an app. What is this #sorcery? Not sure about the #security implications.”

    It is not norman and never occure with pamac, yaourt or pacman itself so it is not Antergos related but Gnome-Software and packagekit fault. Pamac and yaourt ask for password once and you can use them for a time and after a short time will ask it again if you need them again, and by default if you haven’t change anything in antergos you HAVE to run sudo pacman (execept while root).

  • I can see @herzmeister ` point. Taking into consideration that the majority of distro “converts” come mainly from some buntu flavour or derivative, coming to Antergos leaves them with the problem "ok, I have tons of apps and programs, but what the hell are they and how am I supposed to find them if I don t know their name?
    Before I installed Antergos myself, I watched a number of videos of the known linux-test distro youtubers to get an idea what it was like and if it was worth installing. There were some dicouraging words of advice to noobs and the lack of some Software Center was among them.
    Personally, in my early days in Antergos, (since I have a dual-boot sytem Antergos/Ubuntu), my practice was to always consult the “Ubuntu Software Center” in my searches before installing something…
    It may sound strange, but to somebody who is used to some kind of “Softaware Center”, “Play Store” and the kind, it is hard to cope, in the beginning.
    And don t forget the “pure”, “just & only” users of a system (my exrerience is that they are the majority. Few are really willing to take some time to get to know it. All they want, is a system up and running and as much automated as possiible.
    The last one is the reason why I failed to convince various people to install and use Antergos.
    So, it is not a bad idea for the “Gnome Software Center” to include by default.
    Of course, I don t know the devs motives on creating Antergos. Was it targeted to the same target group as the “stupidly” easy Ubuntuish distros?
    Was it to provide a less “difficult” Arch?
    Whatever it is, it is their creation and their own decision.

  • I don’t say he Arch world doesn’t lack of some sort of “graphical software store” and that’s true. But saying Gnome-Software isn’t a good choice for the reason I gave.

    What we need is a “graphical software store” that will contain all or as much as possible GUI softwares, but unfortunatly such software would be really hard to maintain if it has to be done manually. An ideal situation would be that in the repos GUI software got a “flag” meaning they have a GUI so our “graphical software store” would be filled automaticaly. That would give to every one an easy way to install wathever software they need.

  • Same old debate,
    hard core archer/antergosers can always do without, or uninstall GSC.
    whereas new users cannot or don’t want to learn complicated things to use simply use a computer.
    The only question here is whether Antergos wants to become one of the most popular distro out of the box (with the power of rolling update) or be an elite one. If its the latter, then no need for Antergos, Arch is enough, but if its the former, then GSC is essential piece of software that needs to come out of the box. In any case there is no place for middle ground distro.

  • @son.gnuku Last time I checked, the ALPM backend for Packagekit was not updated to support Pacman 4.2 and with the recent release of Pacman 5.0 it is now even further behind. We can’t include something that is not in 100% working condition. Sorry!

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