• Bluetooth Not Working

    guys when i wanted to pair my cell phone with my laptop but niether of the devices find each other and the search indicator goes round and round.
    at the installation i install the bluetooth support
    any ideas how can i use my bluetooth?

  • IDK about this either, Ubuntu is the only OS besides Windows on which my laptop’s bluetooth works… Following this for a solution.

  • I connected my Bluetooth headphones to my Antergos laptop and they worked erratically. I’m a newb, and that’s better than I expected. I’m posting this to encourage you not to give up.

  • Have you give a look at the Artchwiki page about bleutooh maybe it will help you.


  • @Yash well i do use Ubuntu at my office but after i use Antegos i kinda feel disappointed in Ubuntu
    @spradlig Lucky u
    @nekosan i like to do some nerdy stuff but i don’t have time yet i will look into it

  • It might be something really simple, I read the wiki page and their is many trouble shouting around bad configuration files editing makig you unable to do something. If the Antergos base configuration hasnot been modfied and is the default one it may come from it.

    (and I can’t answer you PM cause of your forum settings you don’t follow me)

  • My Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (Razer Orochi and Logitech DiNovo Edge) have worked flawlessly paired through bluetoothctl. Have you tried this way from the arch wiki? When scanning what output does it give you?

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