• It does not boot correctly


    I would like to test it, so I started it in a VM, as I do with every linux distributions I want to test, but Antergos don’t even boot until the end. The error message is:
    (EE) no screens found (EE)
    I don’t understand, because I created a “basic” VM exactly the way I do usually.
    Can someone help me to solve this problem ?

    Thank you

  • What OS are you running the VM on? Also what virtualization stack are you using? Have you reviewed the infohere:


  • Hello,

    Thank you for ur answer but I found the solution: I tried with the full ISO, and it worked. So I guess the minimal one do not include the driver for the virtual video adapter. ( parallels desktop, last version).

    Note: I’m very impressed by the interface of the website for the forum. Cute and handy.

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