• How to Backup your current OS

    is there any possible way to get backup of my OS ? due to my slow Internet connection its really bothersome to install from the scratch all the apps, DE, etc
    i read article about archiso but im not sure that would do much help to me
    thanks in advance

  • @han2007 sure! even more than only one. linux without regular backups is a nonsense, like linux without internet connection.

    two best backup tools are, IMHO:

    both are available in antergos.

    the first one, clonezilla, is extremely robust tool, capable to backup every single bit of the disk(s). if your cimputer survives an earthquake, tsunami, sun eclipse, any kind of other disaster, then clonezilla will restore it to the original state.

    the second one, fsarchiver, is more suitable if you want to “clone” (copy) an existing linux installation to another computer, partition, disk(s).

    both permit to restore any disk or partition to its previous state.

    clonezilla is slightly more rigid than fsarchiver. it is mainly oriented toward a pure “restore to original state” purpose. it never fails.

    fsarchiver is way more flexible. if you have a working linux somewhere, then in 10 minutes you may bring it to any other part of the universe with fsarchiver. unfortunately, in (very) rare cases fsarchiver may fail to restore a backup.

  • There are countless methods by which to backup your system. It just depends on what you want to save. If you are using the btrfs filesystem you can use its built-in snapshots feature to create “restore points” which you can roll back to if needed. There’s a great command line tool for managing btrfs snapshots made by the openSUSE devs. It’s called snapper (can be installed with pacman). There’s also a GUI for it in the AUR.

    If you are more concerned with decreasing the time it takes to do an install of Antergos you could simply backup your package cache daily. Then if you want to do an install you will wait until Cnchi updates itself then close it. Open a terminal and launch it like this:

    sudo -E cnchi -d -v -c /path/to/your/mounted/package/cache/directory

    Hope it helps! 😄

  • @lots-0-logs where are the packages are located to can tell cnchi to use it ?
    and my ISO is “antergos-2015.04.12-x86_64” and the for installation i used cnchi-dev will there be difference?

  • You would have to mount your backup of the packages. On an installed system the packages can be found in /var/cache/pacman/pkg To be honest, I don’t recommend using the April ISO. It has issues that require more than a beginner linux skill level to work around. You will save yourself time by downloading the latest ISO (even though it will take a while to download, it will be quicker than you fighting to make the old ISO work).

    Best Regards,

  • well it works three times only the cnchi was the problem but thanks i will try and then see what happens

  • @lots-0-logs well even after i give the packages location it still download them again.
    is it possible to have based environment installed and then install all the other tar.xz package?

  • The latest available version of each package will be installed. So if there is a newer version in the repos than the version in your cache it will download the package from the repo. For packages that are the latest version it will use your cache.


  • so basically its not possible right?
    how about i only install the base and then install all those packages manually, which in the latest ISO when the installer reach 100% it returns error “the installation cannot be complete”.

    the previous ISO was better only you needed to update cnchi from 07 to 08 and you are good to go

  • It’s not possible to install stale packages. THe latest version of the packages will be installed, always. If you have the latest version in your package cache then the install will use it, otherwise it downloads from the repo. Please post the installer log here after it fails so we can identify the problem. Thanks!

  • that is so sad well after so many hours of waiting when i check that it downloaded the files again i shutdown the machine so i gave it i want antergos on my machine 😢

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