• Mouse cursor not consistent

    I installed xcursor-chameleon-pearl mouse cursor.
    It is a nice smooth cursor, however, when the cursor is moved over the desktop, window border, whisker menu it reverts back to default, Adwaita cursor.
    In the application, like here on Antergos, the cursor is fine, move it to the titlebar and back to adwaita cursor.
    I changed the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme as instructed on many sites.
    No luck.
    I even went to the CLI and did
    then xfce4-settings-manager
    and changed the mouse cursor theme to
    All to no avail.

    Anyone have an ideas or perhaps what I have done wrong?

  • @herbie said:

    I changed the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme as instructed on many sites.

    that is strange. the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme method usually works. one important note about it. in the index.theme file the cursor’s name must be written exactly as the directory with cursor icons theme is called.

    for example, i use Chameleon Anthracite cursor. its directory is called /usr/share/icons/Chameleon-Anthracite-Regular-0.5. so my /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme file contains:

    [Icon Theme]

    mate, cinnamon, kde follow this rule. but gnome3, for example, ignores this setting and uses its own cursor (adwaita by default). i’m not using xfce, so can’t speak about it.


    and, obviously, the cursor’s directory, with all its content, must have at least read permissions for all users that might use it.

  • I must have fudged something because I copied your line above


    and just changed Anthracite to Pearl and logged out and it works.
    Thanks so much. Really appreciate your quick response and VERY accurate information.

  • @herbie You’re welcome. Nice to know you have the problem solved.

  • Now if I could just mark this topic solved. Cannot find anyway to do that.

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