• installation crashes just after entering live CD mode and doesn't pass command prompt

    I downloaded the latest 64 bit iso for Intel 86 64 bit machines. I am 64. When installing I got so far as the screen asking do I want live CD or boot from hard disk.

    Then I chose live - CD option only to have a bunch of failure messages appear and I couldn’t do anything at all.

    This is completely different to previous installs I have done with antergos where the cnchi and live install options just pop up graphically.

  • Which method did you use for writing the image to your USB? Do you have an extra USB that you could try to rule out the issue being caused by a faulty usb drive?

  • well the thing that had me stumped is I didn’t try a second usb drive but instead I put it on a cd and tried to boot from that, same thing basically happened. I can’t remember which image was for the usb crash and which was for the cd.

  • @Yoshiserry Your iso might be corrupted. I would try downloading again and then burning it to another cd/dvd. I have no problem getting the dvd to run. It just won’t complete the install and that’s the same problem many of us have been experiencing for weeks.

  • @linux_mark I downloaded the full iso again and it seems to install but had some issues. Thanks for that i’ll keep everyone posted.

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