• Suggest taking Antergos off Sourceforge

    Sourceforge has been hijacking applications throwing them into malware infested installers.




  • I can confirm the malware issue. Friend of mine as well as myself had the same problem of downloading software that not only tried to install a nice amount of adware but also contained some serious malware that forced us to reinstall our system. Sourceforge was dead for us from that moment on.

  • definitly remove it. Went to the 2nd link and I read this near the bottom:

    “SourceForge also admitted to putting bundle-ware installers on some open source projects”

    something like this would only make Antergos look bad. People coming here on the discussion board and laying legit complaints about adware infested installer. Even if it isn’t Antergos sponsered. The complaints would not benefit the user.

  • Though we certainly do not agree with Sourceforge’s policies on advertising, it doesn’t interfere with our project in any way. Our mirror pool is quite small. I see no reason to remove our isos and packages from Sourceforge 's network of mirrors at this point. Though I can’t rule out the possibility of doing so in the future should we decide its necessary.

    Best Regards,

  • @lots.0.logs

    Sounds good 👍

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