• Gnome 3.16 running on nvidia gtx 750 animations not working


    I have recently reinstalled antergos, after cleaning up my drive partitions. Prior to that I had all the Gnome animations working , but with this fresh install nothing. Just jerky and snappy windows and shell functions.

    I have tried gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations true and false but nothing seems to work. I have also another distro with Gnome installed and that works fine.

    Has anyone got any other suggestions?



  • Hi,
    if we install the editors of dconf and gconf and , as
    in this case, we change the preferences of nautilus ?
    The problem was : “Switch from path location bar to bar permanently in Nautilus”,
    and this the url:
    This is certainly,another, and different problem, but working with these editor ,it was a good solution.
    But, in the case of the disappeared animation, I don’t know how it work.

  • Hello again

    I have solved the issue basically i was running mesa-libgl instead of nvidia-libgl. I found the answer here



  • I thank you @tinytimmay!!
    You are finally solved the puzzle.
    The icons, now, have their usual floating.

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