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cnchi 0.8.137 latest version message

Installation procedure of cnchi

  • Language : english uk

  • System Check : all green

  • Location : English (GB),United Kingdom

  • Timezone : Brussels Belgium

  • Keyboard : Belgium - Belgium

  • Desktop : GNOME

  • Feature selection : all on

  • Installation type : automatic

  • Warning : no changes

Create user account : Log in automatically is activated

Installing Antergos screen

  • ttf-google-fonts 20150520-1 is taking too long! Approx. 10-15 mintues. Better look into this file - it has happened before

  • rest of the files download smoothly and very rapidly

  • installation of packages goes smoothly - nothing to mention


Desktop Environment

Unfortunately still in QWERTY! Choosing Belgium should have made it an azerty keyboard.
/etc/vconsole.conf is still KEYMAP=be - this one does not exist - should be be-latin1 changing this now manually

In gnome as well a QWERTY keyboard.

Via region and language in gnome - input sources
Language : English
Formats : United States (English)
Adding manually with + and choosing Belgian fixes issue

Anything else I should check for open issues or bugs?
I will keep this ssd for a day and then use it to test the base installation.