• Is My Hardware Failing?

    Every time install any Linux operating system, it’ll work for a bit and than the screen goes black. It even did this when I had Windows Vista installed. Does anyone have an idea on how to stop this?

  • @ChrisMX3417

    When it goes black, is there something you can do to bring it back? (like ctrl+alt+f2) Or you have to reset your machine?

  • @karasu The computer will be fine and running like normal and out of no where it’ll freeze and the mouse cursor will not even move and then the screen will go black black with white lines on the screen. What do you think is wrong? This has happened with every operating system I have installed. Windows, Linux, and so on. The computer is 6 to 7 years old. It’s not my main one, I just use it as a spare. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6rzYQRIN_JWeWQwcktIam9RZUk/view?usp=sharing

  • @ChrisMX3417 i have this Issue on my old pc but windows usually works fine even on puppy linux it happens only once my suggestion is use the linux which kernels are less that 3.2 such as gnewsense . PCBSD & GhostBSD works well too but BSD are not that much as friendly although these to calim to be the most user-friendliest.

  • @ChrisMX3417

    Are you sure it’s not a hardware issue? (memory or graphics card?)

  • It sounds like a hardware issue to me. If you haven’t cleaned out the inside of the computer, then now might be a good time. Canned air, and clean it out. Make sure your fans all work (case fans, cpu fan, video card fans). Reseat your memory and pci cards. Look at the motherboard, I see Dells all the time with bad capacitors. Usually bad to the point you can see them leaking with just a visual inspection. If you have the option, try a different video card. If you are using an add in video card then try the on board video or see if you can find another card to swap it out with. You can try running something like prime95 to stress test your cpu (or some other cpu stressing program). In ubuntu i think i used a package called “stress” once to stress my cpu. There are utilities to monitor your cpu temp also. Maybe have to reseat your heatsink with some new thermal paste if it fails the cpu stressing. If you’ve tried multiple operating systems, then your are right to be looking at your hardware. Basically you want to be methodical and eliminate possible faulty equipment one by one.
    I would first try eliminating your video card and memory from the mix. You could test your memory with memtest.

    You said this is a spare pc. So if your not comfortable working on hardware, then this is a good time to learn. Better to break your “spare” than your good one.

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