• Why Cnchi download 500MB when installed from 1.6 gb live?

    Hi All.

    Antergos is really very good distro, thanks to the development team.

    I installed Antergos Cinnamon from live antergos-2015.05.20-x86_64.iso, work fine but Cnchi download 500 mb plus update, this should not be included in live… ?

    Best regards.

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  • @El-Che

    Nope. Cnchi installer always installs the LATEST versions of all packages. If it’s in the ISO, fantastic, but if it’s not, it downloads it.

    If you install Gnome, some packages are already in the ISO (but not all of them), and with time, those packages get old, too (that’s why we release often, among other reasons).


  • Ok, thanks Karasu for quick reply.

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