• How to mark a thread as unsolved or solved and etiquette?

    Quick and hopefully simple question. How to mark a thread as unsolved/solved? Is there a link somewhere with this information? Possibly maybe a link about forum etiquette? This might be helpful for newbies. Maybe i’m just missing it? If this info isn’t easy to find, then maybe someone can make a sticky with the relevant information.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • @SirWeazel


    I have a “Topic Tools” button where I can mark threads solved/unsolved. You, as a thread creator can do it, too. Don’t ask me where is that option in a user account because I really don’t know. You should have a button like a wheel to change thread title and options like these…

    @lots-0-logs should know exactly where the option is.


    P.S. I just marked this thread unsolved… xD

  • @karasu
    The only option i have under “Topic Tools” is “Delete Topic” with a trash can icon. I bet this option should also be available to me as the thread creator. Probably in the same place it is available to you. I wondering if maybe some permission/rule settings need tweaked in the forum software? Or i could still be overlooking it, but i’ve clicked and searched every icon i can find.

  • Bump…
    Just hopeing someone can chime in. My only task is to mark this thread sovled, not a moderator to do it for me. I feel so dumb, the option has got to be here somewhere? Or am I missing it?

  • @SirWeazel

    I’m sure @lots.0.logs can help with this…

  • Sorry for the delay. Users should be able to mark their own topics as solved so it appears to be a bug. I have reported it upstream. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

  • Looks like the bug was fixed and a nice tutorial was made. Saw the post on the blog about this. Including the link to their tutorial below also. Thanks for getting this fixed, now i just have to got through and tidy up my posts.

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