• Cnchi can't continue persist!

    I try install again antergos… because… i love arch and i love this amazing distro, but in my laptop still appearing at finish can’t install the necessary packages, cnchi can’t continue. I hate it… because i pass all day installing this system and nothing, i download the testing versions and the problem persist, i try with the minimal and the same. I try the solutions on the forum and not.

    I want install antergos with gnome and i can’t. Solutions?
    i try this:
    -sudo pacman -Syy
    -Upgrade cnchi via git
    -put # in all servers of antergos-mirrorlist less spain
    -and i try all together

    Can help this antergos user since this distro start? please!

    Sorry for my english im spanish user.
    Perdonar por mi inglés :(

  • Ola nexfran

    Could you elaborate a bit more : what does fail ? Are you able to start the installation with cnchi meaning you can pass the window confirming you have enough disk space, you are connected to power source and you are connected to the internet ? It seems so but it is not clear.
    Then, are you able to define your partition and to start the installation ? It might be so but I am checking again.
    If indeed you passed all of that, do you start getting files downloaded ? Or are you stuck on one download ?

    Read you soon

  • @nexfran , as @squid-f says, you have to be more specific.

    Also, if you could retrieve your log, that would be very helpful. Please, just once more, try running cnchi with this command:
    sudo -E cnchi -dv

    It will create a log file in /tmp


    P.S. Si te sientes más cómodo, puedes escribir en el foro “Spanish”. De todas maneras se te entiende perfectamente en Inglés.

  • prueba reinstalando cnchi , por lo menos a mi me funciono…

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