• Markdown reference: code blocks

    So there’s this cute little questionmark leading to

    “This forum is powered by Markdown. For full documentation, click here”

    If you click there you’ll read that you have to indent code with 4 spaces… and you’d think that’s it. But on the “basics” page wrapping codeblocks in “backtick quotes” are also mentioned: `

    You would think you’d find things like this on one and the same page and in one paragraph. Maybe posting here will save someone trying to post code a few minutes of searching. I did search the forums for this, nothing came up.

  • There is a post on this but I see that it does not present itself easily when searching the forum (it was on like the 9th page of results).



  • Hi (long time no see here I’m happy comming back)

    So I don’t want to create a new topic for a simple question so I put it here.

    Why using markdown ? I really don’t understand that why not a good old BBcode one something like this ? For me Markdown is not a good choice and not one of the good thing that has come in the world of text edition, it is not practical at all hard to read hard to learn, it is not consistent their is so many version of it out their because the original one lack of so many feature so you have to create your own version if you want new features and not user friendly.

    So why Markdown over a more clasical code ?

  • Well, it wasnt a decision that we made. It just so happened to be what Nodebb supports by default. They have now made it modular so it can be changed via a plugin. Of course the plugin would have to be created so, its on my TODO list. 😬


  • Oh ok I see. I just discovered NodeBB.

    I’ve an other question is their a way to disable the visual effects between loading of pages ? it is really slow and laggy for me . Or is it a build in function you can’t disable ? if not it would be really usefull to have an option in the user settings.

    Thans a lot !


  • The simplest way to fix this without having to write plugins might be to just give you a button to click on ? Is there anything else we need besides code ? I know people here like to edit manually over using GUIs but it would still at least work and wouldn’t confuse everyone who just signed up.

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