• Grub2 or Gummiboot - What do you recommend for dual boot ?


    I am tweaking my installation. My goal is to have a dual boot Antergos Gnome and Android-x86. I have a touch screen laptop with removable screen and much more games are so far available for linux.
    My intend is to create a GPT partition table, instead of an MBR one ; according to Arch wiki it is a more modern partitioning but if you think it is the wrong choice, please, let me know. Then, the question is whether I use gummiboot or grub2. I have been struggling to get a good pros and cons list and I would like your advice here.

    I know how to edit grub configuration file after installing Android-x86 without Grub so, I am a bit more comfortable with Grub than Gummiboot but I can learn if it is really better.
    I don’t know whether it will be feasible or not but I would like to be able to select the boot option only with the touch screen feature. Would grub or gummiboot allow that ?

    Thanks !

  • Personally I would go with Grub but not for any valid reason (just that its what I know). As long as your system is not BIOS boot than you can use GPT without any hassle. I don’t recommend GPT for BIOS boot systems though!

  • Hi
    Finally I used Grub because I know it (somehow) and I didn’t find any clear review explaining why Gummiboot would be better than Grub.

    I had to use MSDOS partitioning mode as Android failed to install on GPT type. I struggled more to create the Antergos partition table with MSDOS than with GPT because of some errors /complains from the installer about flag consistency with partition type.

    The system works well now with a dual boot Android and Antergos. I miss one thing though : the ability to select the boot choice using the touch screen only. Does someone know whether it is possible to select the Grub start option by touching the screen, not using the mouse ? It would great as I can separate the keyboard and I could then only carry on the tablet screen in some cases.

    Thanks for your support!

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