• Lightest browser on Arch

    Hi everyone,
    What is, in your experience, the lightest browser (in terms of hogging RAM)? I have 1gb of RAM and I usually use Midori. I was wondering if you have something else in mind, maybe even lighter.

  • I think puppylinux is very light. In fact, it doesn’t ask for a lot of ram at all. I think it’s minimal requirement is 250k ram. What kind of system are you running, in this day and age, that only has 1 gb of ram? Just curios of course.

  • It’s a Asus Eeepc 1005p. A very minimalist netbook. I couldn’t anything better than that unfortunately.

  • Text-based browsers like Links, Elinks, Lynx, etc. are the absolute lightest, but no audio or graphics.

    keyboard-driven ones like luakit, dwb, and qutebrowser are probably best. Very minimal interface, but renders the pages normally.

  • w3m + imlib2 will display graphics in xterm.

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