• Gnome extensions, 'unknown' drive specs, host login prompt, etc

    Antergos was installed in late March choosing a Gnome environment, encrypted home and root folders, setting the option to login for each session, but some some bugs may have cropped up so I hope to help by flagging them up so that you are aware of them. Particularly, is it normal to lately be getting a ‘host login:’ prompt after the startup script (see bug (7) below)? At any rate, I plan to test one of your new isos soon as per your forum request to give feedback, so no worries about trying to fix the following issues for my installation: hopefully these points can help the developers about what to look out for, as they are doing a lot of great work already!

    Logs follow (Note: ~/.xsession-errors.old says that the ‘Music’ folder was deleted - I cleaned out my personal files to my backup extension drive recently):

    Further notes on my setup: the default ufw settings from the cnchi install have been used plus, more recently, pglgui (Peer Guardian) using all blocklists albeit some whitelisted pages/settings.

    In rough chronological order:

    (1) Gnome extensions: These couldn’t install either from:-
    (1.a) ‘Install Extensions’ link at the extensions tab of Tweak Tool; nor
    (1.b) at first, when installing from the Gnome extensions webpage within my Firefox browser. I can’t recall why, but eventually these extensions could install from Firefox, and I have been able to install at will with yaourt too.

    What is more perplexing to me, however, is that the ‘Remove’ button in the extension tab of Tweak Tool has been greyed-out/non-clickable for those extensions that came ‘out-of-the-box’ with the Antergos Gnome desktop environment ever since I can remember, whereas the ‘Remove’ buttons are clickable for those extensions that were installed from the Gnome extensions webpage while in Firefox.

    A mention of a couple of more minor bugs follow in case that these can help troubleshoot the above bugs with Gnome extensions, as they occur whenever the useful ‘Maximus two’ extension is enabled:

    (1.c) Although ‘Maximus two’ is much appreciated, an extra black ‘band’ below the top bar with some applications sometimes. See, for example, this screenshot of LibreOffice Writer maximized:
    Extra bar 2015-05-21 23-07-21.png

    Ironically, when I closed down Writer a few moments later and relaunched it, that extra black band was no longer present!

    (1.d) On launching some applications (even when turning on Maximus two), the following message appears one or more times in succession:

    Execution of "wmctrl" failed:  
    Command not found

    No noticeable problem is linked to this other than, for example, an extra black band with Writer (but not with Gedit, for one).

    (2) Gnome Classic crashes: When selecting ‘Gnome Classic’ on the login screen at startup, the session would crash within seconds with the message ‘Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover’. Trying some fixes from various sites didn’t work.

    I can’t remember whether I modified anything then, but simply selecting regular Gnome sessions by default works instead.

    (3) Youtube Flash crashes in Firefox:
    (3.a) Youtube has not been playing sound on Firefox when running on Flash;
    (3.b) within seconds, the Youtube video crashes with the message ‘An error occurred. Please try again later. Learn More’. This has been happening with all videos on Youtube in Firefox during different attempts/sessions over a few weeks, and disabling extensions doesn’t help; on the other hand, Youtube videos work fine in Firefox with the HTLM5 Everywhere extension and in Chromium with flash. I don’t recall changing any alsa or pulseaudio settings significantly. The system is updated regularly, and the flash version is up to date for Firefox.

    (4) ‘Unknown’ drive types and modification dates in Nemo: For weeks, Nemo’s “Go to computer” icon gives a listing that I had not seen before in other linux distros in that it reported ‘UNKNOWN’ sizes and modification dates for all onscreen entries:
    Screenshot of Nemo from 2015-05-05 18-31-19 - Drive types and modification dates unknown.png

    More recently, it doesn’t pick up my DVD drive either:
    Screenshot from 2015-05-21 22-45-58 drives unknown.png

    Could this simply be due to the fact that my home and root folders are encrypted?

    (5) LibreOffice Writer freezes lately sometimes although, notably, I can do ‘File/Close’. The document that I am in doesn’t leave the Writer screen, but I suspect that in a way it has indeed been closed because when trying out the File menu again, it no longer gives entries to ‘close’ a document, etc., only the standard menu for LibreOffice when maximized without any file opened. Perhaps this could be due to upgrading from Java 7 to 8? (I needed Java 8 to run an unrelated program). Writer runs quicker with Java 8, but it seems that it was about then - when switching to Java 8 (although I might be wrong) - that Writer often freezes up. Java 8 was successfully recognized as the new default Java version when testing using an Arch wiki command.

    (6) Internet session freezes, no top bar, unresponsive system: Now for some light relief, I hope: more recently, and only when connected to the internet for either a while or sometimes even several minutes perhaps, the following can happen within seconds - but I wonder if there can be some connection to the fact that I am an avid internet surfer who opens so many webpages in Firefox and leaves them open to be read eventually - 427 pages currently! 😄 Now, seriously, and perhaps with another one of those big Firefox sessions open:
    (6.a) Gnome’s top bar sometimes disappears.
    (6.b) LibreOffice Writer in particular often freezes then (see point 5), and I think any other application also although if I recall correctly I can close them down at least of late.
    (6.c) There is only a dark black screen in the background, not the usual wallpaper.
    (6.d) I cannot shutdown from a dialog box since the top bar has disappeared, and pressing Ctr+Alt+Del (many times repeatedly) won’t shutdown. A hard shutdown then is the only option I know of to power down.
    (6.e) Although this is a new unexpected behaviour while internet surfing and the logs above were collected beforehand, I am just now getting Gnome-like icons in Nemo whereas the icons on the rest of my desktop - e.g. my Dock icons and Firefox activity icon in the top bar - are still using the gorgeous Numix-Circle-Light icons packaged by Antergos. Is someone commandeering this internet session of mine now?

    (7) Unexpected ‘host login’ prompts: Just a few reboots after I installed virtual box (with virtualbox, virtualbox-host-modules, virtualbox-host-dkms), after a long internet session on Firefox, on startup - just before I login - there was a black screen stating something like the following:

    Antergos Linux 4.0.3-1-ARCH (tty1)
    host login:

    When trying to upload videos of the startup run and this login prompt, errors returned on this forum as being too large to upload, but a video taken on 21 May flashes that type of message four times (although it looks like the first line has changed to reflect the new kernel’s number after an update), and something like this has happened on another occasion recently. It may have flashed ‘host login:’, etc, a different number of times on that other occasion, if I remember correctly.

    I have seen those kinds of ‘host login:’ prompts at shutdown recently too, and also surprising was that there was hardly anything that reminded me of the usual shutdown script.

    Please note that on installation my Linux machine was assigned the name ‘host’. In case this is relevant, please note that (as per a wiki suggestion to harden Arch), I tried to set denial of remote logins as root some days ago: /etc/ssh/sshd_config was edited to uncomment and change #PermitRootLogin yes
    to “no”, and the SSH daemon was then restarted as root:
    systemctl restart sshd

    (8) Unexpected password prompt for USB connection: Yesterday, for the first time, after disconnecting an external USB hard drive and plugging in my mobile phone at another USB jack on this laptop, a dialog box appeared blacking out the whole screen and prompting me for authorization to connect to that device with my password. The dialog box looked like the current dialog box that pamac produces to apply an update when asking for a password. This despite earlier during that same session having connected the aforementioned USB hard drive without such a prompt, as is typical, and also when trying the hard drive afterwards also without a password prompt. Admittedly, though, the USB jack that the mobile was plugged into has been erratic ever since my laptop landed side-on mostly onto the USB mouse dongle that was plugged into that USB jack!

    In case this be of interest, there are four tar.xz files in the ‘File system’ root (/) folder besides the various system folders:


    I hope that this is unremarkable despite the fact that I haven’t consciously chosen any downloads there.

    I am delighted with Antergos regardless of any kinks; perhaps it can be for Arch what Ubuntu has been to Debian, and it installs pleasantly, it’s beautiful, ‘free’, quick, and runs cool!

  • Amendment: Antergos didn’t ship with Numix-Circle-Light icons but rather with other beautiful sets also by Numix including Numix-Square, apologies.

    As an update:

    • My desktop sometimes displayed my Desktop files and subfolders and sometimes not, perhaps mostly or only while on the internet (not sure) even though I hadn’t made any relevant or conscious changes to the environment in the interim, including the setting of a Gnome extension chosen to be installed at the time that among other functions offers to show files and subfolders.

    • During an internet session and opening a text file, a dialog box prompted me for a password to unlock a personal file even though I had never secured that file with a password. Was someone phishing for my passwords?

    I suspect that perhaps my system at the time may have become more vulnerable since installing Wine plus a GUI (Play on Linux). I have since reinstalled Antergos (see report there under TESTERS NEEDED - New ISO Images Available On The Build Server).

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