• Suggestions on improving 'Feature Selections' during Antergos installation

    I’ve noticed certain feature selections could do with an improvement especially with printer setup.

    For example, two things missing from the printer setup are python-smbc and samba.

    When attempted to add a printer using Windows Printer via SAMBA and the browse button greyed out because of the missing file, python-smbc. Having that file in place, will make sure that we (especially newbies) can browse the network just fine.

    The other issue is with samba itself… when attempted to print off something using a Windows printer it came up with an error saying that /etc/samba/smb.conf cannot be found. Having that file, smb.conf in place will solve the problem.

    Anyone else have suggestions that could improve Antergos’s feature selections during installation?

  • @MrRoberts said:

    For example, two things missing from the printer setup are python-smbc and samba.

    There’s another feature option called “smb windows shares” (or something like that) that should be selected if you want to use a windows shared printer.

    Having said that, I’m afraid that even that other option does not install python-smbc (but I can fix it, of course).

    Maybe we can make clearer the purpose of this option…

    Oh, and new cnchi (0.10) will have more options here ;) (in fact, what worries me most is having too many options here that can make this screen unusable)

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  • That would be great to add python-smbc since there are lot of users accessing Windows printer and we don’t want to frustrate them with something that is greyed out lol. The option to switch on the printer setup shouldn’t be anymore difficult because it is transparent to the users. The users just simply switch on the printer setup, which will have that important file in place.

  • I like your articles, it’s fun and easy to read.

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