• Autoconfigure when plugging/unplugging an external monitor

    So I have a laptop, I have an external monitor and I’m on the move a lot, so I’m constantly plugging and unplugging the monitor. On my previous distros (Manjaro and Kubuntu), everything got automatically configured — when I plugged in a second monitor, the monitor became the main monitor. When I unplugged, system automatically reconfigured so there was only one screen.

    Now, I have the following issues:

    — If I plug in the second monitor, I need to manually configure it as nothing happens by default
    — If I unplug the monitor, the system will pretend that I haven’t and will act as if the now unplugged monitor is still there.
    — If I boot the laptop with both monitors plugged in, they’ll both display same content at 720p (below the native res of either of the monitors).

    I’m using:
    — KDE 4
    — sddm

    Kscreen is installed.

  • Have you tried arandr?

  • I installed it, but it doesn’t seem to solve my problem.

  • Hi,

    What’s the output of xrandr?

  • Xrandr after plugging the monitor: http://pastebin.com/GxRN3FE9

    Xrandr after unplugging the monitor: http://pastebin.com/1rfbQ40R

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