• Using discrete AMD GPU for GNOME 3

    Okay, so I have a laptop with i5-5200U, with Intel® HD Graphics 5500 and a discrete GPU AMD R7 265M.
    My problem is that GNOME 3 runs quite poorly (as in choppy animations and general sluggishness) with the integrated GPU. I have tried running it with Wayland and I have tried using UXA as the AccelMethod on X. Both of these things do very little to alleviate the problem.

    Either GNOME 3 is enormous resource hog , or the Intel drivers haven’t caught up yet.

    So my only other idea is to use the discrete AMD GPU for everything. I followed this tutorial on the ARCH website - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PRIME but it only shows how to enable it for intensive applications.

    So my question is. Can anyone help me in using the AMD GPU for everything?

  • @famouscake said:

    HD Graphics 550


    Please provide your system logs during a period when the system is sluggish (see top of this forum for instructions if you need them). After you grab the logs, please run the following command and post the output:

    sudo  top -b -n 1 -o RES
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