Please see added screenshot taken rom my Ubuntu install. There I have an option in Nvidia-settings to switch to discrete or integrated graphics. (log out and in again)

Is this not possible in Antergos/Arch.?After reading all the Wikis on Nvidia, Bumblebee, Prime and whatnot I could not find such a solution.

Only thing that works is bumblebee but the performance is bad compared to the Ubuntu solution. I get a fps cap in Steam games of 50fps. No matter if I use primusrun or optirun, Also no difference when I start steam with vblnakmode 0 or vblanktosync=0 . I always have the fps limit. Under Ubuntu i run the same game with 90+fps.

Anyone having the same issue? Any tips?

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-05-19 14:36:12.png