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    Greeting to all Antergos users! I’m quite a new user in the Open Source world, except my ventures with several *buntu derivatives (lastly the Elementary OS distro). I wanted to learn more on Linux and use a rolling release model distribution, so Arch based distros was a must. From the lot I wanted to find the best looking and easiest to configure, so the only true option was Antergos.
    My primary machine is a Lenovo U510 upgraded with 8gb of RAM and a Sandisk 128gb SSD. After much consideration I decided to stick to Cinnamon as my DE, mostly because I’m comfortable tweaking it and staying productive.
    As for me, I’m Greek and currently living in Athens, employed in a big telecommunication provider as a network engineer.

  • Welcome! From Greece myself, too.👍

  • Welcome to our little community! 😄

  • Thank you both! I have already installed a Cinnamon build, stress-testing it and will install a permanent build this weekend. Although I am a Cinnamon fan, GNOME Shell 3.16 has caught my eye. Decisions, decisions…

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