• Introductions and saying HI!


    Congratulations and totally deserved for your work !!!

    ;) :)

  • @joekamprad welcome to the crew ;)

  • Hi! I’m a lapsed UNIX admin. I worked with all sorts of UNIXes for years like SUNOS, AIX and HPUX. Then I was on OS X for ages, but it got so stale, and when my Mac Pro became too old for Sierra, I started looking for a replacement. Arch is just so much more fun. I should have dumped Crapple years ago. So hello all. Thank you for making my Arch experience possible.

  • I may be a bit premature in introducing myself as I have not yet decided whether to install Antergos (though I am leaning toward it - I just don’t know which flavor). I guess I’m what you would call an amateur songwriter (since no one has recorded any of my songs). I’ve used Linux since roughly 1999 and it has been my sole home OS since 2002 (having used Mandrake, Libranet, Feather, antiX, Puppy, SuSE, Mint, Xandros, Zenwalk, Vector, Peppermint, Manjaro, and probably a few I’ve forgotten). Despite that experience, I am new in many ways. The command line is still not second nature to me, though I am not as scared of it as I once was.

  • Cheers Walt. You seem pretty experienced to me. Why not try booting the live iso and give it a spin? They, whoever they are, say that Arch is for the developers and software creators and not general users. Antergos, or so it seems to me, is trying to change that; hence their tag line: “For Everybody.” As a user, and not a code maintainer, I’ve been really happy with it. It’s not very buggy, and it seems to be endlessly configurable – especially running KDE. Still I guess it depends what you want. I enjoy the command line. It’s actually really good for improving one’s memory. When I administered UNIX systems, I never forgot anything, and I put that down to the shell. GUIs lead to a lazy mind, IMHO. So for me, when I looked for a Linux distro, I wanted complexity and configuration. I think I chose well. I don’t know how well you’ll get along with the audio stack. I haven’t played with it too much. I did get midi files playing on my keyboard pretty easily. Anyway, I hope you try Antergos.

  • @Mike-Bee Well, I am running the live iso and have been for a few days. The only thing keeping me from installing is deciding which DE to install because I really only want to go with one. Right now, it’s between Gnome and Cinnamon, though I do have experience with Xfce.

  • I bit the bullet, as they say, and am now running a fresh installation of Antergos. I went with Gnome simply because I thought I would try something different in terms of DE since I was also trying something different in terms of my Linux distribution. A little work to get the networked printer working, and I appear to be up and running. I was able to keep my existing /home partition, and when I opened Firefox, it picked up right where I had left off with Peppermint. Very nice!

  • @WaltH said in Introductions and saying HI!:


    Great news. I hope you enjoy the ride.

  • @Mike-Bee - So far, so good.

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