• Getting efi error when booting [solved]

    Hi, I am getting the following error when booting.
    EFI stub: ERROR: failed to read file.
    This is me base system, awesomely stable until last boot. I am writing from me phone! Any ideas?

  • @guillermohs9 said:

    EFI stub: ERROR: failed to read file.

    What recent changes or system actions did you make/take prior to this issue coming up?

  • Just update via yaourt -Syyua (last updated yesterday morning) . And using netgui (gui to netkit) for academic purposes. Some browsing but nothing more. Im trying to boot somehow to cat the logs. Is there a way to use cnchi or the antergos live cd to restore the bootloader? I think I was using gummiboot…

  • You can use the live environment to chroot into your installation. Then you can try regenerating your initramfs and grub configs.

    # Install arch-install-scripts
    pacman -S arch-install-scripts
    # Mount Antergos Root
    mount /dev/sdxX /mnt
    # Mount EFI
    mount /dev/sdxX /mnt/boot
    # Chroot into your installed root
    arch-chroot /mnt 
    # Generate kernel/initramfs images
    mkinitcpio -p linux
    # Generate grub config
    grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    # Exit Chroot
    # Unmount partitions
    umount -R /mnt
    # Cross your fingers and reboot ;-)
  • I will try that as soon as i can. Would that also overwrite gummiboot with grub2?

  • I assumed you were using grub. You can disregard the grub command. Use this one instead:

    gummiboot --path=/boot install
  • It worked perfectly! Thanks lost.0.logs! I have no idea what could have happened… should I try to look for yesterday’s logs? The only thing I noticed when booting now is that there are no random wallpapers in lightdm’s background, just black; not a problem though :p
    Could it have been the updates? This is my first rolling-release distro as a base daily-use system. I’ve always been a debian or debian-based distro user before.
    Thanks a lot!

    BTW: for downloading Antergos, and making a live usb, I was using my girlfriend’s pc, with Windows in it. After failing to create the bootable usb with unetbootin, linuxlive, yumi, universal usb installer, rufus, and even a windows implementation of dd, the one software that worked was USBWriter, from sourceforge. I just want to leave this here for any users struggling with this issue.

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