• Partition Dual Boot/Light Display Manager Fail

    Hey guys. I’ve had an Antergos install image from january, and decided to install it just now. I didn’t knew there were a new image available, and I didn’t checked it out, but I guess that isn’t a problem?

    Anyways, I only have one HDD, so I made a partition of 230gb (in a total of 460gb) to install Antergos. I booted it from a pen drive, and went through the installation while I was checking around the live test version. I partitioned 20gb for the root (/), 4gb for swap and the remaining for /home.
    Everything went well, until I restared my computer. Apparently, I had no option of initializing my Windows partition, even though my Windows partition remained untouched. And while I chose the Antergos partition, it greeted me with “Failed to start Light Display Manager. See “sysemctl status lightdm.service” for details.”

    I saw a similar thread (http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1946/solved-failed-failed-to-start-light-display-manager-see-sysemctl-status-lightdm-service-for-details) but if I try to use pacman, it just says no directory could be found or any other command mentioned in the thread.

    I tried reinstalling, but the problem persisted. I currently can’t access my Windows partition, and I can’t initialize Antergos, limiting myself to the live test version.

    What can I do?

  • Hi,

    Use one of these images to install again:


    Let us know if you experience any problems. Cheers!

  • How’d I do that? I currently have no access to my Windows partition (as mentioned in the OP), GRUB only lets me access the Antergos partition (which doesn’t load, as mentioned, again). Since I’m using the live test version, I can’t mount another image, cause my pen drive with the current image is in use.

  • If you have another USB drive you could download the image and write it in theory. Though that would depend on how much RAM you have. You should be able to mount the Antergos Root and access its files in the file manager. Grab the lightdm logs and post them here. They are located in /var/log/lightdm/

  • Update: I used gparted through the live test of Antergos and managed to format the partitions I used to install Antergos. Since Grub was installed (and the partition that had its files was deleted) I couldn’t start Windows, entering in Grub Rescue mode every time I tried to load it. So I re-ran the live test again, used g-parted to repair my Windows partition, and re-ran the installation of Antergos again, now using the Cinnamon interface. The installation went fine, and now I could choose my Windows partition, but in the Antergos partition, the same problem persists. I could download the new .iso of Antergos and do a fresh install, but I’m afraid of this happening again and losing my Windows partition again. Is there any way of uninstalling Grub and delete my Antergos partition from Windows?

  • Please grab the lightdm logs from your Antergos partition using the live environment.

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