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    My suggestion is:

    • Use Deluge instead of Transmission

    • VLC instead of Totem

  • For which flavour ?

    Yes, vlc is more comfortable to use. Every time I’m on a freshly installed system, after a few ocasions of fidling with whatever video player is available, I end up installing vlc. I’d say that not being able to lower or increase volume with the mouse is just a mess. Mplayer fired up on me without displaying any controls. Other miss the ability to play certain formats. Yeah, vlc would make sense, except it’s not made by linux, so I doubt anyone will do this. If anything, people should improve native applications so we don’t need vlc.

    Deluge again, has some features that I couldn’t find in transmission. Like prioritizing first and last bit - useful if you want to peak into a partially downloaded video file. I’m currently fiddling with qbittorrent. It’s more advanced than transmission, less than deluge.

    Arch is all about KISS. I doubt that the most full featured apps will end up as default ever. I mean, there must be a reason they don’t ship distros with vlc and deluge already, and I doubt an arch based distro will break that ice.

  • All in all I wanted to say that “I feel you” fellow antergos user. And I don’t really get the part where people are trying to still showel an installation image onto a single cd. Especially when this implies “cripleware” - i.e. software that lacks a leg sometimes. Who on earth uses cds anymore ? They aren’t even cheaper than a dvd. And who cares about a 100 mb plus on bandwith either ?

    The solution would be to modularize it all. Have a basic set of features for those who barely use the program, and a plug-in for the power-user that would make it a “pro” version at a push of a button.

  • @I-sty i can agree with both of those suggestions. its so quick to add and remove apps i dont think it really matters much. users are never going to 100% agree on which apps should be included by default.

  • I agree with the Transmission vs Deluge option. Transmission seems to have issues such as downloading files for within a torrent that I dont want downloaded.

    As for VLC vs Totem. How about Rosa Media Player. Could that ever be considered an option?
    What about other options such as having Kodi Media Center installed instead of a media player?

    If none of the above are workable, I would like to see Suse Image Writer as a potential option. Linux Mint has this great USB image writing tool. I think that if Antergos also had such a tool as a pre-installed application, it would be great.

  • @I-sty said:

    • Use Deluge instead of Transmission

    I disagree with this for a few reasons.

    1. Transmission works on all environments because it supports GTK and Qt so it can be used globally accross all Antergos build setups, just like LightDM.
    2. Deluge is Python which is fine in general but it supports ONLY Python2 and that is an evil thing to continue using Python2 when Python3 has been out for over 6 Years.
    3. Deluge does not come with a GUI by default in Arch, it has to added after the fact so the dependencies listed in the Arch repo do not include a GUI, meaning there are many more dependencies.

    I actually prefer Deluge over Transmission but those above reasons why I dont think it should get default app.

    @I-sty said:

    • VLC instead of Totem

    VLC is actually awesome I will say and since it works the same on Windows -> Linux it is a great tool for someone switching to Linux. However, Antergos is not a system for people “new-to-Linux” so that transition point is irrelevant.

    VLC has crappy keyboard controls for video navigation. VLC has AWFUL stream support. VLC can run streams sure but if you try to jump through the video VLC will either render unwatchable amount of artifacts everywhere or it will just completely fail and kill itself.

    Totem has great keyboard controls for video navigation and it seeks through videos on a stream just fine without any of the problems VLC does. Totem also has GNOME development so it works great in the GNOME environment because of this.

    I am not saying that Totem is the best player, in fact I don’t use either. I think the best media player on Linux is actually MPV because it has all of the benefits of both Totem and VLC with none of the flaws of either. MPV FTW!

    @Modisc said:

    How about Rosa Media Player?

    I’ve never heard of Rosa so I will check that out.

    @Modisc said:

    I would like to see Suse Image Writer as a potential option

    Unfortunately, SUSE Image Writer is not maintained by anyone in the official repos. This would mean that someone in Antergos would have to take on the responsibility of creating builds and maintaining it from the AUR to include it in the Antergos repo.

    I don’t think having an Image Writer is an important enough tool to have by default to merit doing this.

  • @Modisc said:

    I would like to see Suse Image Writer as a potential option. Linux Mint has this great USB image writing tool. I think that if Antergos also had such a tool as a pre-installed application, it would be great.

    The GNOME Disk Utility now has built-in support for writing images. It should show up as an option when right clicking on an iso image in your file manager. In most cases there’s no need for a separate application 😄


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