• Syntax error when running command line???


    I am attempting to run the diablo 3 video game on Antergos…Don’t worry if I figure it out I will definitely post a tutorial, but I need help with a syntax error I receive when running the following command line

    file:///home/tactux/.wine/drive_c/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Diablo%20III/Diablo%20III.exe -launch-opengl

    This is simply a command that I will be using to startup the game. when run in the terminal i receive this

     bash: syntax error near unexpected token `x86'

    I’m new to programing and I am still in the process of learning my first programing language, and I am hoping for some help from a more experienced programmer or someone who knows how to fix/work around this issue.

    Thanks in advance…

  • You must escape certain characters in bash. Escaping is done by adding a ‘\’ character before the offending character. ( and ) are two of those characters. So you’d want Program%20Files%20\(x86\)

  • In this case you need to replace all occurances of %20 with a space and use quotes around the file path like this:

    "/home/tactux/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Diablo III/Diablo III.exe" -launch-opengl


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