• Guest account ?

    I’ve seen this in some distro’s and I’m not sure if this is a log-in manager or a desktop environment specific thing, maybe it’s neither. Then again maybe it’s both, cause your your log-in manager is part of the environment. Both there’s no such thing available for me on antergos with openbox.

    Yes I know I could just create and delete an account on demand but that requires me to log in, do that, log out, log-in to the new account and stuff like that.

    I doubt that a script creating a new user from a log-in manager would be bloating or against the minimalism of ob.

  • LightDM supports Guest Sessions though I havent tested it personally. It can be enabled in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf Let me know how it goes 😄

  • “brute forcing” that config file that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me, by uncommenting almost everything related to “guest”, first resulted in nothing at all, no guest account, trying again made lightdm fail to start and had to use nano to get back. Trying to google for help only showed me that dissabling would be as simple as commenting a line and that config files migrate to places accros versions. I have absolutely no idea what a greater or a seat is after 20 minutes of reading.

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