• GDM: problem with logout

    I changed from lightDM to GDM because power management problem…

    Now logout is not working, I see a black screen that says “starting version 219”.
    Any solution please?

  • Gnome packages were updated recently. Verify that your system is completely updated:

    sudo pacman -Syyu
  • My system is completely updated, I installed 7 updates today. The problem persists.

  • similar here:
    System is up to date, lightdm uninstalled and gdm installed and activitatet, but when i klick “logout” all apps are killed but my system stayes on Desktop. I can move my mouse and click some elements but it opens no app and when i click on shutdown or reboot it dose nothing, thou it normaly (when not clicking logout before) it works…
    no error

  • How can I change to SDDM?
    GDM and lightDM are unusable.

  • @Strangiato said:

    How can I change to SDDM?

    https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SDDM this wiki page explains what you need to do to use it but it uses an example of KDM which you aren’t using so you will not need to run that part of the commands.

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  • @Strangiato @MichaelTunnell



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  • thanks, ;wyn.
    But monitor power management does not work with SDDM too.
    I am back to GDM and I will wait for any solution for logout problem.

  • I fixed the screen blanking/locking issue with LightDM and GNOME. New installations will include the proper configuration. You can follow the instructions on the following post to configure it on your system manually if you like: http://forum.antergos.com/topic/1944/bug-unable-to-lock-autolock-antergos-gnome-on-alienware-m11x-r2/12

  • for some reason lightdm and some dependencies were still on my system removing them solved my problem

    locking the screen works, but logout doesn`t

  • No one knows how to solve it?
    No one else has this problem?

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