• Manual LVM installation with SSD + HD


    I want to install AntergOS using LVM on my computer with 2 hard drives (SSD + HDD).

    The /boot, swap and / (root) partition should be on the SSD drive and the /home partition in the second HDD.

    Is that possible with the graphical installer / Cnchi or do I need to choose another install method to realize that?

  • @BuZZ-dEE :

    I’m afraid the advanced installation method still does not support creating / deleting LVM volumes. It does support installing on them, though.

    So, you should first create a volume group, physical volumes and logical volumes manually (you should be able to do so from the livecd) and then Cnchi will let you install on them.

    Be warned that this is not a tested method, so your mileage may vary.

    There should no problem mounting different partitions in different volumes in different hard disks.


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