• How to add code to a comment

    I’m new to this forum and want to add codeblocks to a comment but <pre><code>CODE</code></pre> doesn’t work so what is the command to add code?

    Thank you for Help

  • found adding 4 spaces togles it sometimes but not everytime
    rm -R /home
    here i have 4 spaces infront the rm, but it doesn’t generate a codeblock…


    Toggles it…

  • A single backtick (`) before and after the code for inline code. So, for example this is inline code.. Three backticks on the line before and after the code for a block of code.

    This is a block of code.


  • @jormsen, To successfully use only four spaces to create a code block (and no backtick), you need an empty line above the code block.
    this has four spaces
    but next

    this has four spaces and an empty line above it

    I hope that helps as an addition to @lots-0-logs’ notes on using a backtick.

  • thank you, thats just what i wanted to know ;)

  • At Last, I found my answer

    How To Use Linux

  • This language is called Markdown, we have learn about this for commend better.

  • This post is deleted!
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