• numix frost light doesn't match anymore

    Well, controls and window borders don’t. Two different shades of grey.
    Makes many apps look awkward.

    If you’re going to have shades of grey, it should either be one or fifty! But never two! 💋

    It can be fixed in firefox by using the ‘simple light grey’ theme. But can’t really be fixed for other apps.

  • Please verify that your system is completely updated. I thought I fixed this issue, though I don’t use Frost Light everyday so maybe I missed something.

    sudo pacman -Syyu
    pacman -Qi numix-frost-themes
  • Name : numix-frost-themes
    Version : 1.9-1
    Description : Official Numix GTK theme - Antergos edition
    Architecture : any
    URL : http://numixproject.org/
    Licenses : GPL3
    Groups : None
    Provides : None
    Depends On : gtk-engine-murrine
    Optional Deps : None
    Required By : None
    Optional For : None
    Conflicts With : None
    Replaces : gtk-theme-numix-frost
    Installed Size : 2.51 MiB
    Packager : Antergos Build Server [email protected]
    Build Date : Mon 11 May 2015 01:23:23 AM MST
    Install Date : Tue 12 May 2015 05:39:50 AM MST
    Install Reason : Explicitly installed
    Install Script : Yes
    Validated By : Signature

  • Could you post a screenshot? I’m not seeing the issue 😕

  • Okay thanks for that. I wasnt seeing it because I didnt check any GTK2 apps. The package is building now so expect an update soon. 😄 Cheers!

  • solved. 👏

  • oops. latest update created some problems again I think.

    a bunch of stuff is now white that was grey.
    Not the same parts, though. Mainly things like highlighting options (ie: ‘save as’ popup in Firefox) and side bars (nemo, archive manager, etc.). Not sure where else.

  • That’s actually intentional 😄

  • Also, what is that blue stuff when you scroll to the bottom or top in nemo?
    That isn’t a feature of nemo (since it has no function that I can see), and seems to only be present in numix frost theme.

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