• How to install software with Pamac?

    I am using openbox. This keeps coming up…

  • i also had that problem. try installing pacmanXG

  • @megaman How do I install it? Also, Antergos should just use PacmanXG as it’s main software installer. Pamac has to many problems.

  • it should be

    sudo pacman -S pacmanxg4

  • its also very easy to install apps from the terminal

    sudo pacman -S appname

  • This post is deleted!
  • @megaman I got this error while trying to install PacmanXG…

  • Please dont create multiple posts for the same issue. Thanks!

  • To all, you need to enable the multilib repos.


  • Honestly, is Antergos supposed to have all these problems? I may just move to Manjaro if this keeps happening. Do you think this happened because my internet connection was slow while I was installing Antergos?

  • @ChrisMX3417 you just need to enable Multilib like @pid1 said. its not a antergos error it needs that repo to install pacmanXG. i already had pacmanXG installed in my system on setup so i forgot about that.

    not internet connection related.

  • To enable the multilib repo, open terminal and

    1. type
    sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
    1. remove the # symbols before these two lines.
    #Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    1. When you’re done, it should look like this
    Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    1. Save by pressing ctrl + x and hitting y
    2. Then run
    sudo pacman -Syu
    sudo pacman -S pacmanxg4

    And you are done

  • As a bottomline, I do believe that PACMANXG4 shoud come back to Antergos. It`s got features that PAMAC has not got and judging from my own experience when I first entered the world of Antergos & Arch, it was a valuable tool till I got used to using the terminal, consult the wiki, find the needed commands.
    PacmanXG4 has got a GUI to help the inexperienced solve problmes, sth that pamac lacks. Not the optimum method ofcourse, I have to admit it, but it gets the work done.
    It is a fact that Antergos brought (and will keep bringing) inexperieced users to Arch, who do not know the Arch way of getting to know how the system works, who will get let down and accuse the OS (just like our friend above).
    Just my own experience to be taken into account by the devs and nothing more, eh?👍

  • @anarch

    Have you tried out octopi? How would you compare that to pacmanxg4?

  • No, @Wyn , I haven`t. As I said earlier I came from Ubuntu (and other ubu-based & deb-based distros. Antergos is my first voyage outside the apt-world.
    I was actually googling for some information to try out Manjaro, when I came acroos an article about Antergos and the fact that it practically is Arch and not heading away as Manjaro were doing!:It was an accident! I had never heard of Antergos!!!smile:
    As far as your question about Octopi, I have heard good things about it, but I really don t know. It is not a matter of a bad programme, though. Pamac is well reputed, too. It is just lacking the feautures I mentioned above. As long as there is an equivallent programme (no matter its name or origin, I would t mind adding it up to Antergos.
    And to make myself clear…I am NOT complaining, or demanding sth. I am well off with using the terminal, now. I am just looking back, reading posts and thinking of those days of my ignorance. And I do know that pamac would be a nice tool to install/uninstall things. But not good enough at CUI solving my early problems…

  • @anarch

    Manjoro I wouldn’t touch as they delay security updates, besides that here ya go: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/octopi/

  • I know what it is and where to find octopi. I said I don t know meaning I have not tried it to see its features.
    At this point I don t care using or installing any GUI package managers.
    I prefer the good, old terminal way. Faster, safer, controlable!!!😆

  • i used octopi while on manjaro and it was pretty good but i still prefer pacmanXG.

    i agree with @anarch the terminal is great to use but for new users having a gui package manager is a nice option.

  • you’ll need a keyring-manager for pamac
    i’m using gnome so gnome-keyring is mine, but could work for openbox too, as i don’t know any keyringmanager for openbox

  • Antergos is supposed to be easy to use. I believe PacmanXG should be included by default. I hope to God they do that soon lol

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