• Fix Firefox long startup time

    Does your firefox take 10-30seconds to startup, even on an SSD? If you disconnect the internet, does it startup in a couple of seconds?

    I’ve been trying to resolve this issue for a while and came across the answer. I thought I’d share with you guys, in the event that some of you are also having this issue.

    The problem is resolved if you edit your /etc/host file and add: %your hostname%

    If you don’t know what your host name is, you can get it by putting the following command in the prompt:


    Here’s an example:

    #<ip-address> <hostname.domain.org> <hostname> localhost.localdomain localhost unidentifiedFLYINGcarrots
    ::1 localhost.localdomain localhost

  • @Fadi-R This kind of content belongs in the wiki 😉

  • Yeah, I know topic is old but wanted to say that it worked, Firefox now starts up faster than before, thank you Fadi R.

  • This does not work for me. My Firefox only takes about 5 seconds to start up, chromium takes only 1 second. I run about as many addons in both browsers, but the addons seem to affect Firefox more than chromium when I compare with the time it takes to start without addons (although Firefox still takes about 2-3 times the startup time of chomium).

    Please let me know if you guys have any tips related to decreasing the Firefox startup time in the situation I described.

  • @cheflo My Firefox was taking 10-30seconds to startup before I found this fix. If your’s takes 5, you probably don’t have the same issue. Turn off your Wifi/unplug your ethernet and try to startup FF. If takes the same amount of time, than something else is wrong. Try to disable all your extensions as an experiment. If it boots in 1 second, than maybe one of extensions is causing this. If not, it maybe that that’s the speed Firefox loads at on your PC. I personally wouldn’t mind having to wait 4 more seconds on startup if it means getting Chrome out of my life but einh, to each his own.

  • Install Fasterfox add on from Mozilla

  • @meekee Which options in Fasterfox increase startup speed? I thought it was more for general browsing speed and I already use SpeedTweaks for that and don’t notice much of a difference. Also, I don’t think that Mozilla makes FasterFox, do they?

  • It speeds my start up time up, I re-installed after the new Firefox seemed slower to start than before it’s worth a try.

  • With the new version of the browser there was this problem. Thanks for the solution. I translated it into Russian.

  • @tuxnot you’re very welcome

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