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    Guess this might end up being another YashLeak xD

    So, I was just going through these package list XMLs which cnchi grabs from your server while installing and I noticed there is ENLIGHTENMENT.
    Not just enlightenment, if you see, there’s everything… LXDE, LXQT, Plasma5…

    Why doesn’t cnchi show these? In developemnt? or timepass DEs in the list? :D

    cnchi 0.8
    cnchi 0.6’s enlightenment package list is bigger ☺

    Alright, screw all this ^^
    The main reason I posted this is is because I was thinking about moving to enlightenment ditching Gnome3. cuz Bodhi runs VERY smooth on my laptop and Gnome3 is kinda sluggish.

    I’d switch to enlightenment easily but there are lot of things in there that make me feel I’m not at home…
    Theme. Enlightenment by default is VERY dark, I like colors and good contrast, all the themes I see on those theme websites are ugly asf (both bright and dark ones)
    No numix EFL theme anywhere on the internet, but I see in cnchi0.6’s package list :/
    So, any numix support towards enlightenment?
    Menu. Very openbox like, ‘listy’! I want icon type menu GnomeApplications/Deepinlauncher/Slingshot/Slingscold type menu
    Keys. Start/super key does nothing.
    Something. There’s something (or more than one thing) that makes me feel I’m not at home while using it. It doesn’t really feel like a ‘desktop’ (like Unity/Gnome/Deepin), it feels like a custom setup yet ‘incomplete’ standalone-desktop :/
    I mean, any random friend can’t use it…

    But still, its smoothness makes me waana use it… Its just wow.
    Terminology is badazz, lot of effects are great.

    Compiz-standalone is very smooth on my laptop as well but not as fast as enlightenment and also I cant make it a usable desktop. I mean any random friend can’t use it by himself…

  • I believe they’re in the never-ending todo list.

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