• Disk usage tools anyone ? Filelight only.

    I’ve just spent way too many hours trying to find an application that was supposed to save me time.

    Basically, any tool like filelight, besides showing a graph, it should also allow you to handle the files… so you don’t have to search for names in your file manager and do stunts like memorizing and browsing to every relevant file you discover with a disk usage analyzer. Am I not right ?

    I’ve spent the whole night trying to get one of them do it’s job.

    Baobab just won’t even show you the files, which is horrible. In theory, you should use your file manager to get the rest of the job done. My experience with it was that it couldn’t open the folders nor delete them. Then again I only have emelfm2 installed. Of course, why would there be an option to enable files ?
    mate-utils contains an older version of the above, also non-functional.
    jdiskusage as pretty and complex and awesome as it seemed, gives you a map and a custom command option. You can operate one command on your files. You can either remove or open, if you figure it out how. I couldn’t. This feature is probably windows compatible only.
    Kdirstat just wouldn’t compile.
    xdiskusage , is again a straightforward map. wanna open something ? you’re out of luck. you found the files you could get rid off to free space ? Well, go find them one by one from a filemanager as well, cause you can only delete them there. this is insane.
    ncdu didn’t offer anything but delete, like i’m supposed to know what’s in a file without being able to look at it.
    duc-git won’t compile.
    gdmap is not it the aur.
    I ended up trying windows applications trough wine. They are pretty much the same.
    Tried searching packer with “disk usage” “disk space” “disk analyze” “free space”, to find essentially nothing new.

    You would think you can actually choose from all these programs, but they are all garbage, kept uselessly simple.

    I feel the need to tell the whole world, Filelight is the only tool that does it’s job. But being a kde application, I had to figure to install kded to get it to delete things.

  • I’m not sure if nautilus still includes these options, but with Nemo you can sort files by file size. You can also configure the “on-hover” tooltip for files to show the file size. Of course you can delete/rename/whatever just like usual. That’s always been enough for me.


  • The very idea here is to sort by FOLDER’s size without looking into them one by one. A pie chart can give you access to files of multiple subfolders simultaneously as well.

    Given the infinit number of subfolders and files a folder can have, file managers don’t embrark on the hazard of calculating folder sizes. Except a few like “double commander” and mucommander, on request, only giving you the size of a single folder. You’ll still have to explore subfolders manually.

    I wish filelight could be used to drag-and-drop files to move and rename files, within. That would a be a dream. That would beat any dual-pane file mananger in some situations.

    PS: Having to hover over something one by one and wait till it’s interpreted as a hover is time costly and horrible GUI design. But every FM I’ve seen had a 'detailed" view in case one’s needed.

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