• setting up shortcuts for items in the panel and other areas

    Having come from windows I loved that you could press WindowsKey + 1 or WindowsKey + 2 and it would open the corresponding application in the taskbar.

    I’ve seen other linux distributions, ubuntu and mint and manjaro which when you install them they have this list of shortcuts on their desktop Win+T for terminal etc

    Is it possible for me to setup shortcuts for the panel, and for other things, like close all open windows (rather than right click close each individual one).

    I’d like to setup shortcuts for things like settings Settings Manager, logon logoff, terminal,closing all open applications.

    And if possible I would like the panel to expand as I open new applications as apposed to having to have a seperate panel which shows Window Items which are open?

    Can the panel do this last one, or do you have to use a dock so it functions like mac osx and shows a little dot underneath open applications, (and the dock expands when you open a new application).

    I’d like my common applications which are in the panel and the ones that are open to be together like mac osx where if you have more than one instance of an application they are grouped.

    Closest linux thing to the mac osx doc that I have seen is the pantheon de, which is in elementary. Can we get that in Antergos/Arch?

  • Go to Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts


    Click Add buton and you see a new configuration window.
    Type in command input box something like xfce4-terminal and then press ok.
    Then is the cool part. Use your keyboard to define keys combo for xfce4-terminal launch.

    My setup is Super (windows key)+T (from … terminal). And that’s all!
    Everytime your press Super+T, xfce terminal shows up.

    Panel. Right click on it.


    Untick lock panel option and define a custom length (let say 30%) and leave ticked “automatically increase the length”.
    Close, center your panel with your mouse (drag left-right) and that’s all.

    Hope it helps.

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