• Can't enable touchpad!

    My touchpad on my Asus G46VW laptop isn’t working. I was using my mouse at the moment so I went into the settings and disabled it, but after I did, it didn’t appear there anymore. It only works on the lockscreen now and not the actual OS. please help!

  • Hi,

    Try installing this package from the AUR and then reboot:

    yaourt -S elantech-asustouchpad-dkms
  • it didn’t work. I have also tried installing elantech’s psmouse driver. that didn’t work either.

  • @lots.0.logs is there anything else I can do? The command you posted didn’t do anything. I still have the same issue. I should probably point out that the touchpad works on the lockscreen, but as soon as I login, there’s no trace of it. When I do Xinput, I see that is input number 15. It is still detected, but it just doesn’t work on the desktop.

  • Which desktop are you using? Did you try to configure the touchpad within the system settings?

  • @lots.0.logs Gnome. the touchpad used to appear in the system settings until I disabled it because it was annoying me while I was typing so I disabled it in the gnome system settings.

    After that, when I tried to reenable it, it didn’t appear under the mouse settings, and now I can’t use my touchpad unless i’m at the lockscreen.

  • @lots.0.logs I just reinstalled Antergos. I am not touching those mouse settings, but I can still disable and reenable the touchpad from the terminal, which is what i’ll be doing from now on. Thanks for your help anyway.

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