• [Solved]How to get rid of the unnecessary window border?

    Hi all
    Antergos is 99% perfect with one little thing annoying me :-)
    I noticed the unnecessary window border wrapped around the browser, file manager etc… it looks so Windows 95ish.
    How do I get rid of it? Under Ubuntu and Linux Mint, you simply right-click and hide the window border.

  • What interface are you using?
    Gnome, KDE, Xfce,Cinnamon,Mate or Openbox… If i knew that i might be able to provide a better answer…i’m sure its not KDE though thats what i use and i didn’t have an issue when i used the default manager…But now i use Compiz+Emerald as my manager so im not sure what may have changed in updates.

  • I’m in the Xfce forum section so that should give you a clue! lol
    Naturally, the minimise, maximise buttons etc are within the application border but it is not.

  • have you gone into the window manager setting for Xfce?

  • you may be able to adjust the title bar’s size…along with the borders. if to i may have another solution

  • How would I do that? Changing the title bar, borders etc?

  • I think its the theme you are using. What does it look like when you change to the default theme (Numix-Frost)?

  • All themes have the extra border around it.
    I’m using the default theme, Numix-Frost.

  • @MrRoberts Are you certain? I have Xfce installed on my laptop and my window borders look like they should. Yours do not look like Numix-Frost.

  • Tried numix-frost-light as the main theme and use that as Window manager theme as well. Change the Window manager’s Title font to Noto sans.
    Looks a lot better. :-)

    Thanks again

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