• should i ditch AMD and go NVIDIA CARD?

    i have a AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon. i use the opensource drivers because its a pain in the azzzz! to keep the proprietary updated. AMD is always falling behind of Xorg.

    so i have given up on AMD official drivers. my question is how well does Nvidia proprietary keep up? do i need to use a 3rd party repo? i have a open video card slot and was thinking about getting a Nvidia card and installing the proprietary drivers for best graphics. whats the experience like on arch?

  • I use AMD but I’m gonna speak out because I’m a banana XD

    Nvidia proprietary drivers perform better than AMD catalyst on linux in terms of 3D graphics and performance but on normal ‘daily’ desktop usage AMD beats both Intel and Nvidia on both OpenSauce and Proprietary categories.

    Everyone knows why AMD is better in the opensauce field…

    Proprietary : While catalyst lags behind Xorg, I never really see any difference in the latest Xorg and the <last> one.(Me not too technical to find a difference)
    But Catalyst is better because its much more usable on daily basis, and doesn’t give much glitches…
    For example: DDE’s control panel doesn’t work with Nvidia Proprietary but you can use anything with Catalyst.(I’ve heard this, long ago)

    But then again, don’t believe me, I’ve never used Nvidia on linux and I’m a banana.
    So, wait for some Nvidia User to reply.

  • im pretty happy using the opensource amd drivers but im thinking about doing some gaming and figure i need to step up my hardware and software. i think for every day stuff amd opensource are good.


    dance off!

  • i should add i use a Nvidia card on my kodibuntu htpc machine and it works great. great picture with 3d graphics i love it!

    ive just never used nvidia on arch before.

  • I’m stuck with opensauce too and hate Catalyst for being so slow…
    Even though I just said I dont see a difference in Opensauce and Catalyst xD

    Keep dancing 💃

  • i could see yash and i in a dance off like this 😄


  • @megaman
    0.08 Nice boobs, let the banana dance alone xD

  • Fak the AMD opensource drivers and Nvidia.

    I just saw Catalyst 15.3 beta in Vi0l0’s repo which supports Xorg17.

    Just need to figure out, how to install it :D

  • @Yash

    Nvidia’s proprietary drivers are so much better for linux gaming, the open source drivers aren’t there.

  • @Wyn said:


    Nvidia’s proprietary drivers are so much better for linux gaming, the open source drivers aren’t there.

    this is what i hear a lot. i know nvidia is great for HTPC also.

  • I’m going to speak out here because I’m a monkey and I eat bananas, mouhahahaha!!!

    I’ve used both AMD and nVidia cards on my Linux rigs. My advice to you would be to find a (proprietary) driver that works really well with your AMD card and forget about updating it. There’s no point. You do get a huge performance/os stability boost from using proprietary drivers over say Nouveau but you won’t get get any performance boosts if you update from an already existing AMD driver to a higher version (same for nVidia).

  • @Fadi-R the problem with proprietary AMD drivers is they are a pain to maintain. they are constantly falling behind updating them to work with xorg. then you have to use 3rd party repos. just more work then i want to do.

    it seems like Nvidia updates at a much quicker pace.

  • Are you saying that when you have to update your X11, the AMD drivers stop being compatible with X11 thus making it difficult to update your system in general?

  • @Fadi-R
    Latest stable version of AMD Catalyst driver is 14.12 which supports X11 upto Xorg1.16 only.

    but the latest xorg-server version is 1.17. which catalyst 14.12 doesn’t support.
    So, AMD proprietary users have to stick with older Xorgs until AMD rolls out new catalyst.

  • @Fadi-R ya its just a pain. the opensource drivers work pretty well though.

  • Yah, that really sucks guys. I’m still on an old Ubuntu 12 in my R9 290 rig. All my gaming happens on Windows on that machine. I’m guessing that all the bleeding edge stuff we’re using on Arch has X11 1.17 as a requirement? Is that why you guys aren’t still on X11 1.16 and using catalyst?

    I found that Catalys 15.3 is in Arch’s test repo. I don’t know how stable it is but it might be worth a try: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/catalyst-test/

    It supports x11 1.17

  • AMD open source drivers are actually very good. You can tweak them for signifigantly better performance. And using Wine-Nine+CSMT & 20-radeon.conf tweaks = excellent performance.

  • @Fadi-R
    I would try Catalyst 15.3 but the maintainer Vi0l0 himself pointed out a lot of scary bugs in that, so, i’ll wait for a stable version.

  • @Mike-H
    Gallium nine wants too many things to be patched.
    Wine-CSMT just requires the wine-staging patched package and you don’t have to play with mesa and stuff…

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