• How do I change folder in Gnome Music

    How do I change the music folder en Gnome Music?
    I don’t want to use the standard location, but the one in my Dropbox folder.

  • @Svante

    I store my music in another drive, accessible through /data/music. In my home directory, I delete de Music folder in my home directory and create a symbolic link to it:

    ln -s /data/music /home/user/Music

    This works with all music programs.


  • If it’s not possible to change the music folder directly in the program, I think I will try with another music player like Banshee or Clementine.

  • Clementine or Rhythmbox should work nice

    for Rhythmbox

    sudo pacman -S rhythmbox

    for Clementine

    sudo pacman -S clementine

    I personally prefer Rhythmbox

  • @Svante Oh, I do not know if it’s possible or not, I just wrote what I do.


  • OK. I will go for Clementine for now.

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