• installing system updates seamlessly with no prompts for are you sure, do you want to edit package build etc?

    Hi All,

    I understand the benefit of the user being able to see every step such as (do you want to edit package build file, are you sure you want to install X Y/N) however I feel like updates should just install, and we should have the option atleast to install them by doing nothing other than:

    1. click the Apply Button
    2. type in our root password

    at the moment most applications specially browsers when they update are asking for my input via a terminal which pops up. Then I have to press enter a few times, and type Y or N a few times. Then I am asked again in the terminal, “Are you sure you want to install XXX”.

    Is there a way of forcing the updates to install without opening up a terminal and prompting you for countless Y/N (as it means I have to sit in front of the computer during the system update process in case an application is waiting for me to tell it for the 10th time I want it to install).

    This process (being prompted lots of times are you sure you want to install this) reminds me of the windows 7 /vista user account control where literally immediately after you double click on an exe to install a program you are asked, are you sure you clicked on it. (and you look around the room to see if anyone elses hand could have been on the mouse).

    if there is a way to stop this constant prompting when I 1) install system updates or even 2) install a program (maybe a shortcut key or a parameter when using pacman in the command line) I would love to know about it.

    I think the detail around being prompted what is going on is great for debugging things, but otherwise gets in the way. (usually when most people do an action such as install a program or update it’s intentional and they just want it installed seamlessly.

    And apart from the one issue I had today when I turned on my computer (themes all disappeared) I haven’t had any issues with updating antergos arch linux at all. It’s been a pleasure to use as my primary system (and was effortless to setup thanks to you guys @antergos).

    I think being able to suppress these prompts would make it more user friendly as if you didn’t want to you wouldn’t have to see a terminal popup .

  • I will tell you what I do on my own system but first, let me make one thing clear for you and anyone else who may read this post. Consider the following question:

    If your system was to suddenly stop booting to the GUI and instead got stuck at some point before the Login Screen, do you know what to do without seeking help online?

    If you can’t answer “Yes” without hesitation, you should not do what I am about to explain. :neckbeard:

    1. Create an alias to serve as a no-confirm update command:
      alias auru='yaourt -Syyua --noconfirm'
    2. Configure your username to not require a password for sudo.
    3. Perform a full system update by issuing this command: auru

    Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!

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