• Unwanted packages/programs...cannot install

    i installed conky gui via yaourt wasn’t what i wanted so i uninstalled…now i have two packages i never asked to install and cannot install…name on the icons are OpenJDK Policy Tool and NVIDIA X Server Settings…i dont want these and i dont know how to uninstall…sudo pacman -R is not working i think because i don’t know the programs package name and the program name wont work…idk why they threw these in with a package but i dont want them

  • To remove a package and all dependencies that are also not dependencies of another program, you can use

    sudo pacman -Rsn <packagename>

    The OpenJDK program you mention is part of jre7-openjdk, which got pulled in as a dependency for conkygui.

    Once you uninstall jre7-openjdk, the Policy Tool will be gone.

    However, the Nvidia tool is related to your graphics card, and was not pulled in by installing conkygui. That is part of the packages that gets installed when you install the proprietary Nvidia binary driver.

    EDIT: You can also uninstall scala, which was also pulled in as a dependency for conkygui.

  • @pid1
    @pid1 said:

    sudo pacman -Rsn

    I’m having some issues

    $ sudo pacman -Rsn jre7-openjdk
    checking dependencies...
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: scala: requires java-runtime

    when i run sudo pacman -Rsn i get this for the java-runtime

    $ sudo pacman -Rsn java runtime
    error: target not found: java
    error: target not found: runtime

    i already knew the package removal command i usually run sudo pacman -R but we fixed the first issue and that being i didn’t know the package name

  • @TAC_Tux
    2nd screenshot, you wrote ‘java runtime’ instead of ‘java-runtime’

    and you need to remove scala instead of java-runtime, jre7-openjdk will remove the java-runtime.

    Just do

    sudo pacman -Rsn jre7-openjdk scala

  • @Yash
    i know i copied the wrong up arrow the code i used after was correct

  • @TAC_Tux It is not really about “knowing” the package removal command. -R only removes that package. Because you only removed conkygui, and not the dependent packages, you had to go through this process of tracing the dependencies and sub-dependencies. Your Pacman output, though, does indicate what is going on. Your -Rsn on scala will remove it and its dependent packages that are not also dependencies of any other packages. You will then be able to remove the Java 7 OpenJDK, as long as it is not relied upon by any other packages you have installed.

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