• nVidia Propietary Driver Install & DKMS

    Antergos Gnome3 64bit.
    nVidia 8400GS Graphics Card.
    I installed the proprietary drivers as per this Arch Wiki [https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA](link url)
    All went well as far as installing the drivers but I get a package conflict when trying to install nvidia-hook/nvidia-dkms. The message reads: “nvidia-utils & nvidia-340xx-utils are in conflict. Do you wish to remove nvidia-340xx-utils? y/N”
    nvidia-340xx-utils can’t be removed, though, because nvidia-340xx-libgl requires it.
    I understand that nvidia-hook/dkms is needed in order to automatically rebuild the nvidia driver against a new kernel when it is installed. Is there a way round all this or am I doing something wrong?
    On the other hand, what happens if a new kernel gets installed and the nVidia driver isn’t set to rebuild - will my system revert to nouveau or leave me at a command prompt?
    Many thanks.

  • @siabost9deas

    nvidia-dkms is just the source code for the most current nVidia driver. If you’re going to be using 340xx, you don’t need this. You also don’t need nvidia-hook. If you were working with a system with no package support for the nVidia drivers you want to use, you might need something like this, but one of the nice things about Arch (hence Antergos) is the package maintainers will recompile the nvidia-340xx driver for you whenever the kernel is updated. All you have to do is type

    pacman -Syu

    and you will get an updated nVidia driver every time a new kernel is released from testing.

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