• chromium over firefox, why ?

    Nowhere (and from nobody) have I noticed anything but…fruitful argumentation, Dustin .
    For me it was nice taking part in this discussion. Plus, I found out things I didn`t know!!!😄
    ***Keep up with your (plural) good work and have no worries!👌

  • nerd talk always gets so heated


  • Palemoon was a snap to install. I think I downloaded the installer, opened it, clicked on Palemoon and it did all the work and was installed in a skinny second. The good thing about Palemoon is that it is what Firefox used to be. Also, all of the plugins for firefox will work for Palemoon.

  • @MichaelTunnell Thanks for your informative reply. You make some good points, and you’ve explained some things that i"ve wondered about, and probably others have too. I was unaware that Mozilla was both a Foundation and a Corporation

    I’ll bet you’re expecting a “but”: Here are some. Firefox’s advertisements aren’t terrible, as far as advertisements go, but I’d rather have no advertisements than advertisements. Firefox used to have none, now it has some. I

    I don’t understand Firefox’s current and past relationship to Google, but I prefer Google’s search engine to Yahoo!'s, whether or not Firefox is “whoring itself”.

    Yes, I really, really, hate those rounded tabs. You might not mind them, but please consider that someone created the Classic There Restorer, which brings the square tabs back, among other things. So I’ll bet many other people hated them too,

    Firefox’s old, humongous Stop button was a lot easier to use than the current microscopic one. To hit F5 would require moving one of my hands. The other solution you give requires 2 clicks. Bottom line: Firefox needlessly changed something and made something harder to do. I’ve noticed that one can configure SeaMonkey so that it has huge stop, back, and forward buttons, so there must be other people out there who like that (I haven’t found a Firefox add-on for that). Come to think of it, those buttons are probably easier to use for people with bad vision or bad hand-eye coordination.

    I like having separate search and address bars, regardless of what the latest UI trends are. If Firefox is going to change to a unified bar, it would be nice if they announced it when you see it for the first time, and provide a link with opt-out instructions, instead of just changing it and expecting everyone to climb on board.

    “Pocket List”., anyone? I’ve had to remove that 4-5 times, since I use several computers.

    I still use Firefox, because I haven’t found a 100% satisfactory replacement. But I don’t feel any loyalty to them anymore. I’ve unsubscribed from their mailing list. If I were a skilled coder or developer, I wouldn’t volunteer my time for Mozilla. If someone gave me a Firefox T-shirt, pen, etc., I wouldn’t wear it, use it, etc. I’d throw it in the trash.

    If I could get syncing to work in a current version of SeaMonkey (which I’ve been told is impossible at the moment), or perhaps Pale Moon, I’d ditch Firefox in New York minute.

    Although I can configure Firefox so it behaves the way I want, all the things I don’t like about Firefox now are a real problem if I’m using someone else’s computer. It can take me a good 5 minutes to set up Firefox the way I want in a classroom where I teach. Before Australis, it took no time at all. This fall, I plan to bring my own laptop with me and connect it to the classroom projector instead.

    I agree that Mozilla has done a lot for the free and open Web. I’m not really sure what their role is, now. They’re evolving into a Chrome wannabe with better privacy for everyone, and with greater user control for the more tech-savvy users who invest the to customize it and undo its changes. But I think John Q. Public doesn’t care much about privacy, likes Google’s other services, and can’t ignore Google’s marketing for Chrome. The more tech-savvy users complain about the kind of things that I complain about, and will ditch Firefox if they find a better alternative.

    OK, this has been a very long post, but I hope it’s not a “rant”. One can try to defend Mozilla, but they constantly make needless, announced changes to FIrefox that aren’t improvements, and it’s not always easy to reverse those changes. Mozilla is becoming more and more commercial. This commercialism includes a tacky (in my opinion) PR campaign for Mozilla itself, which can be hard to ignore. These actions are producing a lot of ill will among their core user base, which you can see by reading forums such as this one, or Mozilla’s. If they continue on their current course, they will please no one and lose all their users.


  • Hmm. Quite a lot of things to agree with you.

    @spradlig said:

    Yes, I really, really, hate those rounded tabs. You might not mind them, but please consider that someone created the Classic There Restorer, which brings the square tabs back, among other things. So I’ll bet many other people hated them too.

    FxOpera > Classic Firefox Theme
    (Oh, there’s separate Address and Search bars)

  • I prefer to Pale Moon, Mozilla Firefox and Opera in this order. Regards to All.

  • This post is deleted!
  • what kind of extensions are you running?

  • Thanks for the response, Megaman, but I’ve fixed the problem: I was not reading “top” properly … (it is actually working VERY well: I can have up to 3 youtube pages open on one instance of chromium, then open another instance, and load that up to the yahzoo, and it still only uses a couple of gig of mem)
    The way top reads is confusing:
    GiB Mem : 10.8/15.556

    what looks like 10.8 GiB out of 15.556, is in fact, when you consult “atop”
    MEM | tot 15.6G | free 13.4G
    ie, 2.2 gig, less 1.4 for cache, making it a very modest 1.2 gig for what I have running now:
    only 1 instance of chromium, with only one youtube window open and some other pages.

    That’s why deleted the post … embarrassed

  • @megaman said in chromium over firefox, why ?:

    have chromium open with 4 tabs and my conky says im using 900mb on my system. im cool with that :bowtie:


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