• chromium over firefox, why ?

    Moving from IE to FF needs no comments. But I guess it had to do with the interface, OS-ness and plugins mostly.
    I just don’t get why people would choose Chromium has over FF. From my experience the only difference is that it’s heavier on the resourses.

  • To tell you the truth, is a decision made by the other devs. I pushed for adding a FF option in our installer (and is the one I use).

    I think that nowadays is more a thing of taste, as both perform rather well.


  • Maybe I should have asked in the off-topic section, or the applications one, but I meant this “in general”. Thank you for pushing for the installer option, you saved me a few minutes of my life.

    But I meant to ask unrealated to antergos, the people choosing to go with chromium, why do they ? My experience with it was: bloatware.

  • i use both on my desktop. i think they are both great browsers 👌

    as far as default option that part doesnt really matter much to me. just takes a few seconds to install my browser of choice.

    why would you say chromium is bloatware though?

  • Cause I tried it on a system with .5 gb memory last time, and while firefox was happily running a dozen of tabs, chrome eat up all my resourses with a couple of tabs open and brought the system to it’s knees. It might be that you can’t feel a difference with 4gb of ram tough.

    Again, does it have anything over firefox ?

  • chromium seems a little faster browsing on my system. i have 8gb of ram so i dont check that very often to see what its eating up.

    right now i have chromium open with 4 tabs and my conky says im using 900mb on my system. im cool with that :bowtie:

  • Firefox, 4 tabs, conky fluctuates between 410-430 MB total, out of which 260-280 is firefox.

  • Meanwhile Epiphany, 4 tabs, eats around 25MB xD
    even if its a web-kit based browser…

  • Oh and BTW, among the Blink browsers
    Vivaldi(Tech preview) > Opera > Chromium > Chrome

    In general,
    Firefox > Vivaldi(TP) > All the above

    I use vivaldi more tho, cuz I recently installed it and its awesome!

  • I use Firefox and Chrome and tend to default to chrome or chromium mainly because I prefer the developer tools. I also use Opera which is also based on blink. However, even though they are fast, they are very resource hungry and it doent take a lot of tabs to slow don my 6gb of ram.

  • Had never used anything but Firefox, till I got married to Antergos which uses Chromium by default. First thing I did was changing over to ff. A known issue of ff is that quite often it gets “stubborn”, lazy and luggy. So, I decided to try (and monitor) Chromium for a while…
    Well, in my machine (see signature), Chromium runs faster, with seldom ever any problems and just a little bit more economical on resources than ff.
    The result concerns my own laptop and I kept monitoring the performance of either browser running EXACTLY the same tasks on each one.

    ***What do you mean
    @distrohopp said:

    people choosing to go with chromium, why do they ? My experience with it was: bloatware.

    I find Chromium neater and more straightforward…

  • @anarch said:

    ***What do you mean
    @distrohopp said:

    people choosing to go with chromium, why do they ? My experience with it was: bloatware.

    I find Chromium neater and more straightforward…

    I used the term “bloaware” in the loosest way possible. I didn’t mean it to say it’s full of features we don’t need, it’s modular, it has extensions, it wouldn’t make sense. But it’s full of something… either just coding that presumes we’re running on at least 4gb or I don’t know… given that not so long ago things worked on much less and there are browsers who still do, I’d call that bloat.

  • I personally prefer neither i just alway install genuine Google Chrome because that allows me to stream netflix and hulu…and in other distros FF seems to be quit buggy so i opted to Google Chrome…but when i installed Antergos there was no Chromium option only FF…from my experience FF is most distros default browser and Chrome is an opt-in program

  • @Yash
    Epiphany is worse than Chrome (no surprise, as a Gnome product/garbage).
    Aside Epiphany process, there is one webkit instance for every tab opened. 670MB for 2 tabs, one in cache. Old webgtk.


    Midori, a light webkit browser, with 2 fully loaded sites, eats almost 300 MB.


    Same 2 tabs in Firefox (loaded with 3-4 extensions) - 420MB.

  • Meanwhile I took a look at Vivaldi, same thing, vivaldi was showing up with like 5MB and there was another process eating up 350, for what firefox did with 250. I like Vivaldi as a concept. I just hate upgrading hardware for bells and whistles.

    “One of the things that makes Vivaldi unique is that it is built on modern web technologies. We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules. Vivaldi is the web built with the web.”

    I have a hunch that anything that runs JavaScript for stuff that could be written in C, just runs 10 times slower than it should.

  • @TAC_Tux said:

    but when i installed Antergos there was no Chromium option only FF…from my experience FF is most distros default browser and Chrome is an opt-in program

    Are you sure there was no Chromium when you installed Antergos? It is their default browser! I had to download a 32bit iso the other day for a friend and it was Chromium…
    Anyway, FF is the dominant choice for almost any GNU/Linux distro, that`s a fact.
    Chrome, on the other hand, is not an opt-in browser, since no distro would choose a non open source browser as default…

  • @anarch
    Yes when it ask you for extra programs to install in the GUI on Antergose there was no Chrome for me…After the install the only browser i had was FF i had to install Chrome separately…i wonder if thats just for the KDE interface though?

  • Because of my occupation, I have Chrome, Firefox, and Opera installed (web development). I only use Firefox and Opera when I need to troubleshoot an issue that doesn’t occur with Chrome. I was a Firefox user for a long time. I began using both Firefox and Chrome (b/c even back then, I too preferred Chrome’s Developer Tools). Gradually, I found myself using Chrome more and Firefox less until I was no longer using Firefox. As far as system resources are concerned, its important to keep in mind that web browsers have become the most important application on our systems. Have you ever thought about it? If you had no web browser and couldnt install one, how would that affect you? My point is that everything is online these days. Today’s websites require our browsers to do a lot of work just to render them on our screens. They can’t do that without resources (obviously). Another thing I would recommend is to be mindful of using multiple tabs when you don’t have much RAM to begin with. Each tab you have open is no different than opening a completely separate instance of the browser in a new window. I don’t monitor my memory usage these days (I have 12GB 😎 ) So of course I havent noticed any issues personally.


  • thats a good point @lots-0-logs i spend about 90% of my desktop time in my browser. thats why i dont care for having a DE. more resources for the memory gobbling browser i say 😄

    i will always support firefox. i used them back when they first came out and named Phoenix. ive donated and bought several of their shirts over the years. for me they have kinda been up and down over the years. i think chrome has really taken the lead in the browser wars of late. not sure if firefox can catch back up with them.

    i do use chromium most of the time but im not thrilled with all the google data tracking.

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